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Selected from over 100 fabrics analyzed, the byAnna fabric is characterized by the high standard made in Italy and by its characteristics, that make it unique. It stands out from its origin, coming from recycled material to the finished product, whose qualities are perceptible by touch.


Resistant and ultrathin, our fabric guarantees perfect coverage and an excellent comfort, while maintaining its shape.

Thanks to its fabric’s innovative construction, it dries quickly and is also resistant to sand, creams and sun oils; it also protects against UV rays.

To preserve the brilliance over time, each color recipe is designed to ensure the best resistance to light, washing, sea and pool water.

Ultra Flat

Non Curling

Excellent Coverage

Extra Comfort

Pilling Resistant

Shape Retention


Iconic Collection





Essential Collection





The fibers used for the fabrics derive from pre and post consumer waste materials which have now reached the end of their life cycle. These are recovered and regenerated to obtain a new recycled polyamide yarn with the same performance and quality characteristics of virgin polyamide, without affecting the non-renewable fossil raw materials.
A high quality eco-sustainable solution.



The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is one of the best-known certifications in the world for textiles. It is synonym of trust by the clients and high safety of the materials.

If an article made of knitted fabric is certified, it means it has been tested for hazardous substances and consequently that the product is harmeless for human health.

The OEKO-TEX®’s laboratory tests include circa 100 different parameters, taking into consideration an elevate number of regulated substances and more (azocolourants, formaldehyde, nickel, etc…). The catalogue of all the criteria is constantly updated at least once a year and grows as the scientific knowledge does so. 

We are proud to say that our materials are included in the first class, the best available, to the point that we respect all the human-ecologic (even for newborns and children) requisites. 

Quality and control

Each byAnna piece has to be perfect.

For what concerns the material, before using it for the production the technicians do several checks in order to spot eyesight defects; on a random basis, a quality check takes place in laboratory, with different physical tests related to elasticity, colour solidity, verification of the UPF value (the protection grade from UV rays guaranteed by the material), test on the piling resistance, abrasion and chlorine resistance. All of that respecting the specific international laws.


For our items we recommend hand washing (max 30 °C) and natural drying in the open air. This allows you to extend the life of the fabrics for several years!

We suggest that you avoid bleaching, and choose a mild soap (it would be great to opt for an eco-sustainable product!). For a daily use, it may also be sufficient to rinse it only in water in order to remove the saltiness, limiting the use of detergent: the environment will benefit from it and your skin will not be affected.

Avoid ironing, which is unnecessary for our swimsuits and can damage its decorations. Likewise, don't use the dryer.

If you wish to take a byAnna item to the dry-cleaner's, do not forget to communicate that it cannot be dry cleaned. If any product accidentally falls on the swimsuit, or stubborn stains do not disappear, feel free to contact us in chat or via email.

Our advice in a nutshell

Handwash not above 30°C
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not dry clean

Sustainability and quality

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