byAnna, for you.

Our story, our values.

Inspired by our island, Sardinia.
Respecting the environment, with the best, sustainable textiles. 
Care of the details, from design to realization.


ByAnna comes from the desire to combine classical models in a truly youthful key, thanks to producing in an ethical and responsible manner, matching quality and elegance in every detail.

Despite the difficult period, byAnna aims to show that if you put perseverance and determination into your project, it is possible to gain innovation and inspiration.

Through an accurate study of materials and a design which is at the same time classic and brave, we aim to create an ecosystem of clothing and accessories characterized by a perfect fit. Our looks are basically ageless, like the icons that inspired us.

Each of our creations is conceived and produced in our Italian ateliers, with materials 100% made in Italy and processed following the most rigorous standards, with the help of the best players in the field.

The three-strand braid, chosen as the main symbol of our Iconic collection, represents the bond between me and my brothers, the true backbones of my life, because I know that I’ll always be able to count on them.

ECO vision

Sustainability for the environment...

Ethic and respect for the environment are our core values.

For this reason, we decided to realize all the pieces of our summer collection with green materials, selecting eco-friendly yarns obtained from recycled polyamide fibers – allowing us to cut the CO2 emissions, avoid the exploitation of natural resources and help reduce the production of waste. For these reasons we have taken very seriously the selection of our suppliers, in order to fully preserve the values of the project.

The “Confidence in Textiles” warranty for each of our products indicates that our partner follows the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100: this certification is the key to accomplish a production which is truly eco-sustainable both in the process and in the manufacturing plants, and to eliminate the presence of harmful substances – an essential requirement for us.

...quality for you!

Sustainability, without giving up the quality: the material we decided to use will guarantee the best performances to our swimsuits and accessories through the years. Our fabric ensures an excellent coverage but is also ultra-thin.

It’s also produced to screen the UV rays, resist to oil, sun creams, sand and chlorine maintaining the shape through time. The regenerated nylon thread allows a perfect fit without feeling too tight.

Iconic collection

byAnna is the most sustainable choice to be elegant on the beach.

byAnna - by Anna costumi
Tetra Mori, Cagliari, Sardegna.
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